Saturday, 28 September 2013

Pandora Hearts - Review

Genre: Fantasy / Action / Drama / Mystery 
No. of episodes: 25 episodes
My rate: 8.5/10

Anime referring to the Alice in Wonderland. Three characters try to find what happened 100 years age and found Alice's memories. Entertaining and very interesting anime to watch :)
Main character Oz , heir to the Vessalius Duke House, has a coming-of-age ceremony. Suddenly a clock that was silent for 100 years has rang and Oz has been thrown to prison called 'Abyss', where there were weird monsters and creatures. He has been saved by 'Chain' called Alice (or B-Rabbit) that was a same thing as these creatures but she looked like a normal girl. She has no memories about her life before she got there. As he joined her they both escaped from the prison and appeared in normal world again. Oz thought he was few hours or days  in the prison but really he was there for 10 years!! Oz and his best friend & loyal servant Gilbert with Alice try to found out more about Abyss and about the past.


Friday, 27 September 2013

Brothers Conflict - Review

Genre: Harem / Romance
No. of episodes: 12
My rate: 6.5/10

It's an ordinary anime but it has something in it that makes you love it! New, nice drawn anime which came out this year (2013). I love how each of the brothers have an unique personality! I just love them all. Quite interestng romance :)

Ema Hinata's dad- Rintarou Hinata - wants to marry again with famous fashion designer Mina Asahina. As her father will marry, Ema will gain 13 ultra-handsome step-brothers. She will live with them under one roof. While she lives there, a romantic feeling appears between Ema and Asahina brothers.

Brothers Conflict screenshot 1
Brothers Conflict screenshot 2

Ouran Highschool Host Club (OHSHC) - Review

Genre: Romance / Comedy / Harem 
No. of episodes: 26 episodes
My rate: 8/10

I think this anime will suit particularly girls ;) Very funny, interesting, filled with roses and romance. Every character is unique ^_^
Anime takes place in private school - Ouran Academy - which has students from wealthy families, except Haruhi who was different from everyone as this character's family is not rich. Haruhi founded accidentally a 'Host Club'. A club made up of handsome, young, intelligent, talented male students, that were gathered to entertain female students that can be called as their "clients". 


Monday, 23 September 2013

Rozen Maiden (All series) - Review

Genres: Comedy / Fantasy / Supernatural / Drama
No: of episodes: Rozen maiden : 12 episodes
                          Rozen maiden Traumend : 12 episodes
                          Rozen maiden Ouverture : 2 episodes 
                          Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen (2013)- 13 episodes
 My rate: 10/10

Adorable and unique anime!! Very interesting plot and lovely characters with great humour ^_^ Also there are part that will make you cry ;_;
Once a man called Rozen made beautiful 7 Rozen Maiden Dolls that were becomin alive when they become wind-up by someone. They had only once saw Rozen (for the dolls he is their 'Father') and had been separated. The dolls destiny is to fight and defeat each other and one of them will become Alice - Perfect Doll. The plot revolves around Jun Sakurada who had got one of these dolls that introduced herself as Shinku :)

P.S - Series above are in order that should be watched. Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen is serie that is only based by manga (it follows it all along). They made a remake as the other serie stopped following the manga and had a different ending etc. Additionally Rozen Maiden 2013 has better graphics that other serie. Much more adorable. Pleasant to the eyes!

Screenshot of the remake :)

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Shaman King - Review

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy
No. of Episodes: 64 episodes

My Rate: 10/10

Most intersting, funny & unique anime. One of my favourite and the first I've watched in my whole life! Shaman King manga is much, much better than anime so I recommend to read it ^_^
This anime is about an ordinary boy called Manta / Morty which meets a unusual boy called Yoh . He is a Shaman. Both of them become friends and have excited adventures cause there is Shaman Fight Tournament that will be held. The winner will become a Shaman King and lots of Shamans will fight against each other for this title and to fulfil their dreams.

This was my first anime that I watched. I was only 9 years old xD I watched a lots of times because I love the characters and the whole story *_* The Japanese version has been censored to make an English version. Then the other countries made their own versions from the English.


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Shiki - Review

Genre: Supernatural / Horror / Mystery / Vampires
No. of episodes: 22 
My rate: ?/10

 I just watch half of it. I was watching this long time ago. I love horror and I'm alwas drawn in but here I get really distracted by the way the characters are drawn (mostly haisrtyles). It just pushes me off and I just needed to stop have way. 
But overall anime have interesting horror story and it's quite creepy :)
In the middle of summer village called Sotoba becomes a witness to unexplained deaths of citizens. There are more and more victims , and local doctor suspects that this is some unidentified disease, because they all have similar symptoms. Also a mysterious family -look like vampires- moved into a new house on the hill.

(Short plot cause I haven't finished the anime)
Here's a really good amv of this anime and it shows how this anime is interesting (of couse there are some spoilers in amv) : LINK

I just can't look at his face. It's distracting me D:

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - Review

Genre: Comedy / Romance
No. of Episodes: 26
My rate: 10/10

The most romantic and cute anime I ever watch. Sure, non of the episodes were boring so I really enjoyed watching! Also I really like the characters! When I look at Usui I'm just like ~ ''Just Take me *o*'' XD

Seika High, was a boy school but has become a co-education school. There are not many girls at the school right now but the main, ordinary character Misaki Ayuzawa wants to change that. She wants to take the school in her hands and make this school a good and safe place for girls. Misaki becamed a first female council president of the school. She hates boys and their disgusting behaviour.  She has a reputation of strict, aggressive, demonic dictator (in boys point of view). Her family is not very rich so she works in 'Maid Latte' Cafe dress up as a maid. She's hidding it from everyone to keep her reputation as a council president. Unfortunately, one of the most attractive and popular boy in the school has dicovered her secret.


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Shugo Chara - Review

Genre: Comedy / Magical girls/boys
No of episodes: Shugo Chara - 51 episodes
                         Shugo Chara Doki - 51 episodes
My rate: 5.5/10

Girls and boys that have magical powers and want to fight with evil people. I have watch this with my younger sister. She just love it!!! For me it was too sweet graphics and all anime xD  I just love the characters *_*

Plot: Amu Hinamori is a student at Seiyo Elementary. Every students thinks that she is rebellious, 'spicy' and 'cool'. But no one know her true-self. Amu wishes for the courage to show her true personality and next morning she finds 3 brightly colored eggs. From this eggs come out Shugo Chara. The Guardian Characters taht will help her discovering who she truly is and help fulfill her dreams. That is what everybody has in their hearts according to anime :D But if you don't believe in yourself this eggs changes to X egg and make a lot of mess and you behave like a zombie (this anime is too weird for me O.o) Amu finds other people in school that have guardians and fights along with them with this X eggs and found embryo - an egg that grants wishes.

This anime don't suit me so I've only watched 1 series and first few episodes of the second one. Maybe you will like it :) I heard 'Doki' is much better ;)


Soul Eater - Review

Genre: Comedy / Adventure / Supernatural  
No. of episodes: 51
My rate: 9/10 
Looking for Really funny Shounen anime? Here it is! Soul Eater with halloween themeand unqiue style which totally wins my heart. Most funniest anime I ever watch. Non of the episodes are boring! Additionally extremely entertaining plot which is followed by unique and amazing characters that have their unique personality! 

It's set in the academy called Shibusen where they teach humans to transform into weapons and to be a meisters - people who can fight with these weapons. The school is runned by Shinigami, also known as Death. The school's goal is to kill all the evil, but above all to prevent the revival of the demon called Kishin.
The students are split into groups ( two/ three people made of a weapon or meisters) and must collect 99 evil souls and one soul of a witch. After having collected all required souls a weapon then can be the weapon of the great Shinigami - a person thet runs the school.


Monday, 16 September 2013

Clannad (All series) - Review

Genres: Drama / Romance / Fantasy 
No. of Episodes: Clannad: 22 episodes
                           Clannad After Story:  22 episodes
My Rate: 9.5/10

 The most beautiful and dramatic anime I ever watched. It was the first time I was crying so many times while watching an anime ;_; Every episode was entertaining, some were very sad and also some were very funny.

-Friends, love, sad stories, other mysterious world, ghost student-
Tomoya Okazaki hated the town, school and his whole life because of his bad memories of it.. Until he meets Nagisa Furukawa. Very shy girl, older than him but repeats the last year in school so she is in the same Year as him. He helps her to open a drama club in school, but the problem is that no one is interested. Tomoya helps Nagisa to be more stronger and also helps other students in the school with their problems. Also there are scenes/story where there is a wee girl in a lonely world who made a robot and make it as her friend.
'Afterstory' are the episodes about what happens after they finnish school and are like young adults.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Durarara!! - Review

Genres: Action / Mystery / Supernatural / Comedy 
No. of Episodes: 26 episodes
My Rate: 10/10

Anime about gangs and life in Tokyo. Interesting and entertaining from the first episode but the further you watch I think it will become your favourite anime :P

Mikado Ryūgamine has moved from small quiet town to big city, Ikebukuro, to find more exciting life. He has been invited by his childhood best-friend Masaomi Kida. Both of them start a new year in Raira Academy. That's not it :D In the city there are gangs and people that you don't want to mess up with. Kida warns Mikado to stay away from the gangs and some people, especially: Shizuo Heiwajima, who is super-abnormally strong that can lift even a car ._. , Izaya Orihara, an information broker, and 'Dollars' a mysterious gang. Also there's a motorbike rider, the city legend - ''Black Rider''. There are rumors that the rider doesn't have a head!
Episode by Episode you know more about each character and the plot gets more interesting ^_^


Saturday, 14 September 2013

D. Gray Man - Review

Genres: Adventure / Fantasy / Action 
No. of episodes: 103 episodes
 My rate: 7/10

Quite interesting Shounen anime. Gloomy and Funny with fight scenes ^_^ But some episodes (in my opinion) are boring. That's why this anime haven't drew me in :( But it is worth watching till the end!

Allen Walker is 15 years old boy whose is an Exorcist. His left arm is transformed into a big claw and used to destroy Akumas (Machines made by Millennium Earl to destroy the humanity so they can make their own World) which Allen can detect with his left red eye. 
Every Exorcist has an innocent in them that helps to destroy Akumas. Unfourtanely they also have to find other Innosences as the Millennium Earl want to take and destroy them. 


Mirai Nikki - Review

Genres: Romace / Drama / Horror / Action  
No. of Episodes: 26 
My rate: 10/10

Very engaging, suprising and original anime but with we-bit irritating main character (as he cries a lot ). Also a cute insane girl that I just adore. I just couldn't stop watching this anime! It's one of my favourite ♥

Plot: Amano Yukiteru (Yukki) is a loner in the school. He only writes a diary in his cell phone all day. Everything that happens he writes it in. He thinks he has an imaginary friends - Deus that call himself a God of Time and Space and Murmur servant. Deus gives Yukiteru a Future Diary, and you can only see to 90 days. Yukki is excited about his diary but then he meet a lovely girl Gasai Yuno who has Future  Diary too. Deus then explains that this is a game to become the next God. The rules are to eliminate everyone (each has an unique diary) and the last one becomes the God of time and space before the World will end on the 90th day.